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Fealti LLC

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About Fealti LLC

In 2023, Fealti was started with the purpose of helping those who had an idea but little access to small scale production. One of the hardest parts of convincing others that your ideas are great is the audience's ability to visualize the possibilities. We are specialized to bring your idea from napkin sketch to small scale production for testing and presentations. We offer a multi step approach allowing for anyone to bring their idea to life.

Learn About Our Services

Initial 3 Dimensional Design

We help you visualize your idea in a 3D rending. This is a simple model to start the creation process and allow you to put your mental image onto the screen. 

Initial Functional Design

Our team will create a fully functional 3 dimensional model is created based on your initial ideas that is also mechanically refined to allow it to complete the functions specified. This collaborative development process allows the customer to communicate their full idea with confidence in its operation. 

Initial Prototyping

Feati uses precision equipment to hand craft your design from idea stage through to operable prototype. This includes a functional 3 dimensional model. 

Design for Manufacturing 

Our team at Fealti will develop your idea from origin through to a full set of GD&T manufacturing drawings ready for production. 

Small Scale Production 

The Fealti tea will create a run of less than 25 products from previously made manufacturing drawings.

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